The Other


The Other

By Rosario Castellanos

Why pronounce the names of gods, stars,
froth of an invisible ocean,
pollen from the most distant gardens?

If life aches us, if each day comes
tearing us apart, if each night
falls convulsed, assassinated.

If the grief of an unknown person
grieves us, but he is
always present, and is the victim
and the enemy and love and all
that we need in order to be whole.

Never say that the darkness is yours,
don’t drink joy down with a single swallow.

Look about you: there is the other, there is always
the other.
The air he breathes chokes you,
what he eats is your hunger.
He dies with the purest half of your death.


Missoula Pride



Last Saturday Missoula Pride burst onto Higgins Ave with colorful exuberance, expression and personality – a refreshing celebration of people and show of love for diversity and community. We need that right now, everyone does, when our collective psyche has been darkened with reports of sickening hate crimes and violence from South Carolina to Syria and when we feel that the world is going to shit because people can do such horrifying things to each other. Celebrating love with all people, regardless of what form their identity takes, and celebrating each other without judgement is the only hope we have for healing, spiritual fulfillment, and peace.

_MG_2913 Dan (above) is one of my professors from college and a kindred spirit who I made a point to take a class with every semester. He is opening the minds of so many young people and has a wise, kind soul that you connect to immediately. He is marrying his partner of fifteen years this year.

_MG_2922 There were so many people representing various churches in the parade – I shouldn’t have been surprised by that but I was. Just another reminder that religion and spirituality can inspire universal love and respect, as its intended to do.









Two Meditations

Two Meditations
Two Meditations
Rosario Castellanos


Consider, my soul, this texture
harsh to the touch, which is called life.
Notice so many threads wisely joined
together, and the color, dark, noble, firm
where red has suffused its splendor.

Two Meditations

Think then about the Weaver: her patience
in starting again an always
unfinished task.

And hate, afterwards, if you can.

Two Meditations


Little man, what would you do with your reason?
Bind up the world, the mad and furious world?
Castrate the colt called God?

Two Meditations

But God breaks out of his tethers
and keeps engendering magnificent creatures,
wild beings whose shrieks
shatter this bell jar.

– Poem by Rosario Castellanos

Two Meditations

Planet Yellowstone

“Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense. But the real universe is always one step beyond logic.”  – Frank Herbert, Dune








“The mystery of life isn’t a problem to solve, but a reality to experience.” – Frank Herbert, Dune


Walking in the Sky

Walking in the Sky

Walking is just the thing when your mind is in the clouds. Running requires power and focus, biking too, but Thoreau was spot on about the necessity of walking for cultivating humanity and understanding one’s place in the world.

The Garden of One Thousand Buddhas is not actually in Asia, but in my rural backyard in Arlee, Montana.

Walking in the Sky

Walking in the Sky

Walking in the Sky

Babies are pretty mindblowing. New life, like death, inspires contemplation.

Especially when your new nephew’s horoscope (Sept 28th) is so spot on, and quotes one of your favorite poets.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): “I am a seed about to break,” wrote Sylvia
Plath in her poem “Three Women.” That’s how I see you right now, Libra.
You are teeming with the buoyant energy that throbs when a seed is
ready to sprout. You have been biding your time, gathering the
nourishment you need, waiting for the right circumstances to burst open
with your new flavor. And now that nervous, hopeful, ecstatic moment is
about to arrive. Be brave!

– Rob Brezsny, Free Will Astrology

Walking in the Sky

Walking in the Sky

Soil for Legs

Soil for Legs
Ax for hands
Flower for eyes
Bird for ears
Mushroom for nose
Smile for mouth
Songs for lungs
Sweat for skin
Wind for mind
Just enough.

– Nanao Sakaki, Break the Mirror

Walking in the Sky

Walking in the Sky

Walking in the Sky